Why Choose Washington Natural Gas?

Our Goal:To provide professional heating, cooling and air quality services and installations, to maintain happy customers with a comfortable home without callbacks.

Repairs: On furnaces, heat pumps, tankless water heaters, air conditioning, air filtration systems, standard water heaters, and more. We stock most parts on our trucks to complete the repairs the first time out to your home, saving you time, money and aggravation. We can also call to meet you so you don’t have to wait at your home all day.(learn more)

Replacement: Quality installations, provided by installers dedicated to creating a system that will improve your family’s comfort in a big way, and educating you on how to set and maintain your system. We’re very particular about your air filtration and easy access to your filters.(learn more)

Maintenance & Inspections: Fast inspections and tune-ups for pre-season start-ups to reduce breakdowns around the holidays and lower your high utility bills. Safety inspections for real estate transactions. (learn more)

Our People: Carefully selected, checked-out, trained and tested individuals with above average accountability high standards with very efficient communication skills, and they are dedicated to excellence. (learn more)