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Furnaces require a significant amount of maintenance, and without that maintenance, you’ll see drops in the quality of its performance as well as its energy efficiency. The professional Seattle heating and air contractors at Washington Natural Gas recommend that you have your furnace system checked annually for any problems that could be contributing to poor performance or hindering the unit’s energy efficiency.

Your furnace is used very frequently and often for long periods of time during the winter months, and you need to know that it’s reliable and that it’s not wasting energy. A furnace that receives all of the maintenance it requires will be able to keep your home warm throughout the winter months, and the cost of the energy that it uses to do that will be kept as low as possible.

During our furnace system checks, our contractors will find and repair small problems that might otherwise go overlooked before they turn into major issues that are very expensive and inconvenient to repair. Having regular maintenance performed on your Seattle home’s furnace will save you money and increase the safety of your home. Keeping your system maintained will ensure that it’s performing efficiently and reliably for years.

Furnace Tune-Ups and Inspections

Our professional heating contractors can provide you with annual inspections and tune-ups for your furnace to help prevent unexpected repairs being necessary or any emergencies from occurring. They’ll also increase the lifespan of your furnace.

The best way to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible is to take preventative measures against any problems. Our furnace specialists will thoroughly inspect your furnace system and take care of any looming problems before they become much more serious problems. We’ll also check your air delivery system and ensure that your ducts are able to provide your home with heat easily and efficiently.

Furnace Safety Inspections

During our system checks and tune-ups, we’ll also inspect your Seattle home’s furnace to make sure that it’s totally safe for use. Some of the things we’ll check during a furnace safety inspection include:

  • We’ll check the air flow duct system for carbon monoxide.
  • We’ll look for any combustible materials around the furnace.
  • We’ll test the ignition system to ensure that it functions safely and properly.
  • We’ll test the exhaust system to ensure that it’s venting properly.
  • We’ll test the safety & control circuits for proper operation.
  • We’ll check for natural gas leaks.

Our professionals know how important the safety of your Seattle home and your family is to you, so we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your furnace is both totally functional and totally safe.

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